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Hauptseite » 2011 » Oktober » 10 » iTz gewinnt gegen NPL
iTz gewinnt gegen NPL
Soeben ging unser CoD Squad siegreich aus einem Clanwar gegen den holländischen Clan NPL hervor.
Die erste Runde auf Skidrow konnten wir mit 12:07 für uns entscheiden. Auch die zweite Runde ging an uns, jedoch konnte unser Konkurrent auf seiner Heimatkarte 2 Punkte mehr einfahren.

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I haven't seen any of the negative attkcas from Berg's campaign that Pomeroy claims are out there. I would think in a state as small as ours they would be hard to miss. Perhaps, Earl Pomeroy is as thin skinned as the rest of his party in Washington.As for attacking Berg's record, he couldn't have voted to privatize social security since social security is a federal issue and not one decided at the state level. That claim is not only inaccurate, it's bizarre.To imply that Berg is a career politican is laughable. None of our state legislators are career politicans. They only serve 80 days every other year! Considering we still have a surplus of funds and the lowest unemployment in the country I think D.C. could learn something about the way we do things in ND and from a man like Rick Berg.Melissa

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