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Teamspeak 3
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Jane Angel: Das Rätsel der Templer

Die FBI Agentin und Kunstexpertin Jane Angel ist auf der Suche nach dem heiligen Gral! Folge den Hinweisen und finde heraus, wo der heilige Gral versteckt wurde. Wurde er von Kolumbus auf einer seiner Reisen unter dem Banner der Templer nach Kolumbien gebracht? Oder wurde er unter der Roslyn Kapelle in den schottischen Bergen vergraben? Sind die Ritter des Malteserordens die Hüter des heiligen Grals? Finde im Wimmelbild-Abenteuer „Jane Angel - Das Rätsel der Templer“ den sagenumwobenen Schatz und lüfte das Geheimnis des Templerordens!
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One thing about Fei Fei that is really aainmzg to me is her ability to transform with make up. So what if she ended up not looking Chinese? I love the fact that her beauty is not distinctively any particular race. Very global and all to her own. She's an asian for sure, but if u looked at her runway photos her face changes all the time - she can look Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, even sometimes Caucasian when certain make up is applied to her. To me, I think that will be one of her best skills. Her chameleonic abiilty. Anyhoo, I think she is played to her strength here. She looked super chic, and expensive! That pose in pic 3, where she's holding the card while being fussed over, is so magnificent, there's a little Jerry Hall in there! To quote someone from TFS at the VI January discussion, SUN FEI FEI is "kicking butt and taking names!" in this ed. If u see the whole editorial, which also features Freja Beha, Arizona Muse, Kinga, Anais, you'll see how Sun Fei Fei and Anais are the breakout stars of this. Good job Fei Fei!

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